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Preserving Our Heritage for Future Generations


Heritage Museum and Genealogical Library


The Heritage Museum encompasses a timeline of the rich history of Pierce County. Inside the museum one will find exhibits of the manufacturing process of tobacco, farm tools, the most informative display about the Civil War prison camp on the outskirts of Blackshear along with Civil War artifacts, a fully furnished storefront counter from the early 1900's, courthouse furnishings, land deeds, letters, and hundreds of photographs of the buildings, homes, and people of Pierce County.

The Genealogical Library contains over 200 books pertaining to Georgia Genealogy, Local Family Histories, Colonial Georgia, Native Americans in Georgia, County Histories, Church Histories, Georgia in the War Between The States, Well known Georgians, and How to books on Historic Preservation. Our library continues to grow.

We invite you to share a copy of your family history, an artifact, or other piece of history with us. We maintain a donation program as well as a temporary loan program.

The Heritage Museum & Genealogical Library are located in the historic Blackshear Railroad Depot in downtown Blackshear.

For More Information Contact: Pierce County Chamber of Commerce at 912-449-7044.


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Early corn sheller and box


Original weighing scales in Blackshear Depot museum_weighing_scales.jpg (19883 bytes)


museum_store_counter.jpg (25035 bytes) Ratliff and Sons Store Counter


Church Podium
Hoboken Stove
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museum_tobacco_exhibit.jpg (15159 bytes) Tobacco Exhibit


Courthouse Desk museum_courthouse_desk.jpg (25603 bytes)


museum_baggage_cart.jpg (18464 bytes) Original Baggage Cart from Blackshear Depot



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